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Learn amazing rings skills whilst

Gaining Serious Strength & Mobility

What can Rings101 do for you?

Rings 101 is an online beginner’s gymnastics rings program. It will teach you impressive gymnastic Rings skills, whilst getting you very strong & mobile

You will be expertly coached through a step by step process. From joint preparation, beginner’s exercises, intermediate exercises, all the way through to the muscle up, skin the cat & ring flow.

Rings 101 has been specifically designed to build your mobility & strength in a methodical manner. This foundation will allow you to master the more difficult rings exercises & flow. Rings training results in strength development simply unattainable in standard gym programming. But unless you follow a structured plan, you will be left frustrated. That is why we developed Rings 101. To take you from being a complete rings novice, to performing impressive rings flow.

Simply put – for upper body strength, there is no greater tool than the gymnastic rings

What’s Included in Rings101?


The program is strategically broken down into four phases. Each Phase is 5 weeks long. There are instructional videos & for each  drill. There are lots of progressions & regressions for all exercises.


We have integrated highly effective mobility training throughout the program. You will follow specific drills each month which will improve your wrist, elbow & Shoulder mobility. Leaving you, stronger & more mobile than ever. We have a detailed warm up for you to follow before each session also.


You will master basic push & pull exercises in the early stages of the Program. Towards the end of the program, you begin ring flow. Combining several exercises in a fluid manner. This is the essence of rings training. Build the foundational strength, then master ring flow.


Read through this detailed training manual, which provides vital information to enhance your training. Print off the 20 weeks of program charts. Chart your progress, leave notes. Track your workouts to help you optimize your training.


Share your journey with Like-minded people in our highly interactive Facebook group. Have any questions? Want our guidance on your technique? Post videos on the Facebook page. We will revert with coaching Tips & advice. We are at your disposal to answer any questions you may have.


This is a program you will come back to again & again. Want to brush up on a certain movement, or re-visit a particular mobility drill. You can, anytime. You will also get access to ALL future updates we decide to add.





Lorraine Fanneran

“I’m thoroughly enjoying Rings101. Getting more mobile & way stronger. I’ve noticed strength transfer over to my cross fit training also. Much better strength toes to bar. The private Facebook group & having access to the guys for feedback is super helpful also”

Alec O’Callaghan

“Just over 3 years now since I started training on the rings with Movemement101. One of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in regards to fitness. Full body strength and mobility gains were unimaginably good not to mention the improvement in joint health and mind to muscle connections. There was also a massive transfer to my weight lifting. Lifts feel safer in deeper ranges. Exercises that used to cause pain ceased to. I would highly recommend them to anyone. If you can do a pull up, then you can progress on the rings under Movement101’s expert guidance.”

Brian Ó hÁonghusa

“I’m really enjoying the Rings101 program – I’ve been interested in rings training for years but never had a structured program to follow to progress so I’ve found it great. I’ve gotten much stronger for it and also more mobile thanks to the programmed mobility work and from the training itself. All in all my body feels good! It’s a lot of fun to train! And the strength and mobility transfers really nicely into my martial arts training too.”


We talk to so many regular gym goers, field athletes & personal trainers all the time about rings training. “I could never do that” is something we hear a lot from them. Yet, trust us, if you can do 3 or 4 quality pull ups – YOU CAN BEGIN RINGS TRAINING.


Maybe you look at some of the more advanced movements and think they are impossible. But apply sound training principles. Master the easier progressions & regressions. Train mobility properly. And before you know it – You will be doing things you never thought possible. Remember – whether you think you can or you cannot – you are right. So start thinking that you can!!


At Movement 101, we love training on the rings. But we certainly are not gymnasts. Brian started rings training in 2013 at the age of 24 Rob started at the age of 39. We believe if you are enjoying your training, it’s easy to be consistent. Don’t look too far ahead. Enjoy the process, stick to sound training principles. Follow a well thought out program & progress is inevitable.


The reason many never learn to do a muscle up, is because they start at a version that is way too hard. If you could only squat 60kg, would you attempt a 100kg squat? Of course not. We will prepare your body for the muscle up (wrist, elbow & shoulder mobility). Teach you how to master the basics (false grip training). Increasing your pulling and pushing strength. Then bring you through several preparatory versions of the muscle up. Finally, you will get your 1st muscle up – and yes, it’s an incredibly satisfying experience once you get it.


If you want bullet proof shoulder – learn this movement PROPERLY. Difficult movements like the skin the cat are made much easier with properly functioning joints. We will progress your through 20 weeks of shoulder wrist & elbow mobility training. We will show you stepping stone progressions. Gradually & methodically increasing your joint strength. You will learn this movement the right way. Once you get it down, you will hone your technique. Building bullet proof shoulders as you progress.


This encapsulates the beauty of rings training. Flowing from one move to the other seemingly effortlessly. Utilizing and thus strengthening every muscle, ligament and tendon in your upper body. Improving body control, agility & strength.


In our practice, it is common for us to see very strong gym goers, who have poorly functioning, stiff & injury prone shoulders. This is usually a result of following strength training programs which don’t have enough focus on the health & function of joints

With RINGS 101 we take joint health & function very seriously. You will follow a detailed warm up before each rings session. Making sure your wrists, elbows, shoulders, spine & entire body is perfectly primed for your session.

Mobility days are also included each week. These are short but effective sessions where you prepare your shoulders, wrists elbows  for the demands of rings training. This will leave you with very strong, durable & mobile joints. Which will carry over to any task. Not just rings training.

As you progress through the phases, your mobility training will also progress. This is to strengthen your ligaments, tendons & muscles. Ensuring you avoid injury & enjoy the thrill of progressing on the rings


  • Anyone looking to gain serious upper body strength, challenge themselves & have fun doing so.
  • Committed trainers. Rings training is more accessible than many think. But – it requires consistency, patience & effort.
  • Bored weightlifters. Let’s face it, lifting dumbbells and barbells all the time can get a little boring. Rings training is a great way to take a break, yet still work on your strength. Believe us, if and when you go back to weights training – your improved mobility & new strength gains will have massive carry over.
  • GAA & Rugby players. Nothing will strengthen your shoulders & upper body like rings training.
  • Personal Trainers & other fitness professionals. Add another feather to your cap. Learn new skills. You will certainly have the strength. You already know what’s required for progress. A well thought out, progressive program & consistency. Within a few months, you will make serious progress & will be able to get your clients involved too.
  • Frustrated trainers. Anyone who has given rings a go, but doesn’t know where to start. Truth is, rings training is difficult. But it is impossible without the right guidance. Rings101 will break down difficult exercises in an easy to follow manner. Step by step, we will help you master rings exercises you never thought possible.


  • Complete beginners. If you are just starting out with strength training, we would suggest you work on your mobility & strength consistently for a while first. Our mobile 4 Life Program may be of interest to you.
  • Anyone expecting miracles. Buying the program won’t transform you into an Olympian Gymnast unfortunately ha ha…. You are gonna have to train with consistency. So if you can stay consistent with 3 main training days a week. Short but highly effective mobility sessions twice a week – well you are all set.


  • A set of gymnastic rings & somewhere to hang them
  • A willingness to train hard and learn fun new skills
  • Consistency (Stay consistent, follow our guidelines & progress is inevitable)


Rings allow for strength gains, other gym equipment simply cannot due to their instability. If you do dips on a dip or parallel bars, you’ll know they are a great exercise. But doing these same exercises on the rings adds another dimension.


You will wobble. At first you will wobble a lot. Every muscle in your upper body will twitch and fight to keep you in position. Your nervous system will be working overtime in an effort to keep you stable.


This is where the magic happens. Gradually, your body learns to control the wobble. Your nervous & musculature system become stronger & more efficient at the task of stabilization. This is where massive strength gains occur.


You will still always wobble a bit (even the pros wobble a little). The rings always seek out the path of least resistance (weakness). But by doing so they constantly strengthen where you need it most.


It’s this all-over strength and control that is acquired by rings training that cannot be got from standard weightlifting. And this has a massive carry over to practically all upper body strength tasks.


The best person on the planet to impress is the person who looks back at you in the mirror. When you nail that muscle up or Get fluid & competent with ring flow – there is a satisfaction & excitement that is hard to match. Sure you will impress your friends, family, and even complete strangers. But you’ll impress & excite yourself. And that’s something worth striving for.



Lay the foundation. You will Increase your physical capacity within this phase. Gaining strength and control through large ranges of motion, whilst improving joint function & strength.

Moreover within this phase, you will build better functioning shoulders & wrists. You will also increase upper body push and pull strength.


Gain strength, power & control. You will master excellent technique of essential rings exercises. Joint mobility continues to progress through this phase also.


Now you have sufficient strength, your agility & body control will be challenged & improved. Combining rings movements together. You will start learning ring flow.


Rings Flow is the focus for this phase. You have done all the hard work. Now hone your skills. Mobility training goes up a notch too. From here anything is possible.

If you are bored of your current training. If you want to achieve something truly spectacular with your training. If you are looking to impress yourself, gain strength & mobility whilst learning fun new skills – Join us today.

Rings 101 has over 5 months of training included. You get this for only €101. That’s the equivalent of €0.69 for each programmed day of training. You will also get access to any further revisions and additions we add to the program. This is a program you will keep returning to again and again. You will most probably incorporate the mobility exercises alone into all your training.   Start your rings training today.




Frequently Asked Questions

Whilst we have trained clients on the rings with this level of strength. We feel it is best to be able to do 4 or 5 good quality pull ups before commencing this program. If you are on the low end of this number, you could simply complete Phase 1 a couple of times, to increase your strength.

Forever. You simply pay the once off fee and you are in!  You will also get access to all future updates which we will be adding in time.

We have programmed 3 main rings day each week. You will also have 2 short mobility sessions in between rings day each week. De-Load weeks are also integrated into the program.

This is a 20 week program. We have built mobility & rest weeks into these 20 weeks. Stay consistent with your training, and you will make great progress in just a few months. We strongly believe that the journey is more important than the destination. We find rings training extremely satisfying. The sense of accomplishment when you get a new move, is hard to find in other gym based training program.

Yes, but rings training is very taxing on the upper body. You can always do some legs training, running etc. on your off days. Just allow your upper body to recover on your non-rings training days

Rings 101 is currently only 69.99. Simply Click “join now” at the bottom of this page & input your payment details. You will receive your login details immediately by email & you can start right away

No, but you can buy them in any good gym equipment store. Or buy online and have them delivered to your home.

So many places. The local calisthenics park (check online for your nearest) A strong branch of a tree. It will be up to you to find an appropriate & safe place to hang your rings. We provide further details on hanging your rings in the program.

No, this is for people willing to train hard. Rings training is massively rewarding, but it requires consistency & effort.

No, neither of us have a background in gymnastics. If you can to 3-4 quality pull ups, you have enough strength to start Rings101.

No. But with 3 days of main rings training, you can always train legs on another day. We would point out that certain exercises, like the L-Sit & Rings Mountain Climbers will strengthen hip flexors significantly

Yes, if you are a dummy & you hang them somewhere un safe. Or if you dive right into exercises you are not ready for. Or if you don’t prepare your joints adequately. But, you won’t have to worry about any of that. We even have a guide on setting your rings up.